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        Moore Unidrill Systems

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        Sumo Moore Grassland Unidrill

        Moore Unidrill specialists in Agricultural & Sportsturf seeding equipment

        Moore Unidrill are a specialised manufacturer of Agricultural and Sportsturf seeding equipment, with Over 30 years industry expertise. In this website you will find information and advise regarding:



        Their requirements were, close row spacing, so that true one pass seeding could be made into grass/cereal stubble, or a conventional seedbed. A compact 3 point linkage chassis, for quicker headland turn performance in smaller field’s, and a central seed metering system, for high speed accurate sowing combined with the ability to sow down to the very last seed quantity with all seed types.

        The soil engaging unit is from the proven grassland unidrill, on a trailing rubber suspension arm. We have extensively trialled the system in 2010, with, as expected, first class results. Nothing in our 45 years of experience, places small seed in contact with soil at the correct depth, as well as a single disc and seedtube coulter arrangement, so the percentage of seed to germinate is very high.

        By using the Unidrill, new seeds can be introduced into existing swards, either by seeding directly into glyphosate sprayed off grass stubbles, or by stitching in without chemical, using cultural control of the existing sward. Seeding into cereal/pulse stubble’s, or conventionally tilled seedbeds can be easily achieved with absolutely minimal changes in set up.

        With the professional contractor in mind, the machine is heavy duty, with quality components, and is relatively maintenance free. The narrow row spacing, makes the same machine very suitable for over seeding into grass based sports playing surface’s.

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